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MRF December 2019 Update

By Andy Kelly
We really need to watch what is happening in D.C right now because it could have a great effect on our freedoms as motorcyclists.

H.R.1024, which is the Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act of 2019, requires information to be provided to the public about the risks associated with E15 usage. I want to know why the Environmental Protection Agency and Congress is so afraid of an educated consumer? The education would be a decal that is placed on the pump, in clear view, telling the consumer what damage the E15 will do to certain vehicles, engines, and equipment (like boats, lawn mowers, chainsaws, snowmobiles, pre 2001 cars, and ALL MOTORCYCLES).

The administration has made a proposal to the EPA, to stop all waivers that allow small refineries to not add ethanal to unleaded gasoline, and to increase the Ethanal to 15% to help farmers affected by the tariffs. The politicians from the corn belt states are really pushing this. Absolutely none of the 19 Pennsylvania Congressmen have co-signed H.R. 1024.

S.2602, Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act of 2019, was reintroduced recently with 27 co-sponsors. This Bill clarifies it is legal under federal law to modify the emissions system of a motor vehicle that is converted for race-use only. If passed, the legislation will protect Americans right to modify street vehicles into dedicated race vehicles and the industry’s right to sell the parts that enable you to do it.

The problem is the U.S. Congress exempted race vehicles from regulation under the Clean Air Act of 1970. But, in 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided to stick their nose in the racing community and said it is illegal to convert a motor vehicle into a race vehicle if the vehicle’s emission system no longer remains in its certified configuration. The EPA thinks the Clean Air Act exemption only applies to purpose built racing engines like NHRA fuel engines, Sprint Cars etc. The EPA is also claiming authority over any emission-related parts produced, sold, and installed, on motor vehicles converted for racing. In Pennsylvania, Senator Robert Casey has co-sponsored this bill.

So, what you really need to say to yourself is, what are you going to do if the administration gets its way, and every gas pump in the country will be pumping E15 and higher fuel, and the only place you can get new engine parts, that will have been destroyed from using the E15 and higher fuels, is the original equipment manufacturer (dealers), under EPA rules? I am not playing chicken little and crying the sky is falling but what I am trying to say is don’t put your head in the sand and let the bureaucrats and politicians in D.C. come up behind you and let you have it. Stand up now and fight for your rights and freedom today by becoming a member of the MRF and helping support everything the MRF is doing in Washington D.C. Also, contact your elected officials in D.C. and tell them what you want. In addition, join us on May 19, 2020, for Bikers Inside the Beltway which is our national lobby day to tell them what we want.

Last month, I wrote about some changes and improvements that were coming to the MRF. One thing that has changed is you now send your membership renewals to:

Motorcycle Riders Foundation
P.O. Box 250
Highland, IL. 62249
Tiffany and Rocky are still in Washington D.C. fighting for us but the membership has been moved to Illinois. It is being handled by someone I know personally, Paulette Korte. She will do a great job.

Lastly, but very important, is we need more Assistant State MRF Reps in Pennsylvania. The qualifications needed are that you be a member of the MRF for over one year, have a true desire to fight for your freedoms by attending various chapter meetings over the state to promote the MRF and have access and ability to send or receive-mails. Please contact me if you are interested.

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