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Well let me start this article by saying this year really sucks and I really don’t like the new norm due to the COVID-19 virus. We as an organization have needed to do a lot of changes over the last 2 months. We needed to learn how to do Zoom Conference meetings which I can say the Grand Board meeting on April 18 went better than I thought, and it looks like the May board meeting will also be conducted by Zoom. It is regrettable that we had to cancel the Rights Rally and Hazen for this year due to the COVID-19 virus and the organization is going to take a big hit financially from it. I know that your chapters and districts have benefit runs and parties that you had scheduled and were forced to cancel and you along with the organization that benefit from these charity runs and parties are going to feel the financial burden from not having those events. But as I said at the beginning of this article 2020 sucks so far and is going to get worse throughout the year. We as an organization will weather this storm and come through it just fine.

I want to thank Assistant State Coordinator Kevin Snyder for all his hard work in obtaining a SBA loan which was part of the Stimulus Package which we qualified for in the amount of $20, 425.00 which will help some with the loss of Hazen income. Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be tightening our belts this year but like I said we will make it through this just fine.

As everyone has heard PennDot has cancelled the contract with Total Control to provide the Motorcycle Safety Program in the state and as of right now we really don’t know where the program is heading. Myself, the Executive Committee and our Lobbyist have been on top of this and are attempting to work with PennDot to ensure that some form of a program continues within the state. We will keep you the membership informed as things develop but we want you to know that we your elected officers and our Lobbyist are on top of this and doing what we can on our end.

Things you as chapter or districts can do to help the state through this year is by keeping on top of your membership by making sure those up for renewal are renewing and doing what you can to increase your membership because folks that is the only income we have coming in.

We also need your help with providing us with ideas for a state fundraiser no later than the July board meeting. Once the fundraiser is decided upon we need all the chapters to do what they can to ensure we have a successful state fundraiser by getting out and selling tickets. I want to remind everyone that we are one organization ABATE of PA and all 47 chapters should do their part to support the state in their time of need.

Well I’m come to the end of this article I told you when I first got elected as your State Coordinator that our organization is like a train running down the track and I am just the one in the engine at the controls and as long as everyone is on board we will get to where we are going, well I’m still in the engine and we are still moving down the track so there is no challenge that we can’t overcome as long as we are all on board.

 May you and your families stay safe through all that is happening in our country and state and may you enjoy getting out for rides as the weather permits and hopefully we can see each other real soon.