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Between the Lines June 2020 issue

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On the Brightside

Everyone knows that when you need something done, ask a Biker. Even if it’s something as small as helping you move your Daughter across town at 8:00 a.m., on the first absolutely beautiful Saturday of the year, and she hasn’t even packed a thing but told you she did… OR something as Huge as a simple wellness phone call, you can count on a Biker. We are made of a different blood than most people. It didn’t have to take an International Pandemic for us to realize that being a good neighbor is actually the way people are supposed to act.

We can’t walk a mile in everyone’s boots but we don’t have to. We know what it is to be a compassionate human being to anyone in need. We can pretty much realize when someone is “off their game” or going through something that just isn’t usual. We have to be this way because none of our Brothers or Sisters will ever stand up and say, to your face, they need your help. We can all be a little forceful when we have to be so why not be pushy when it comes to helping.

Our Membership numbers took a really big hit last month. One reason is the ‘scare’ of this virus and the unemployment caused by the scare. Another reason, Spring time is typically when we sign up, or have signed up, a lot of people and now those people are up for renewal. Being out of work and having to decide between paying dues or buying food isn’t a tough call. If you are able, maybe you can help with either or both. Just reach out and do it.

Most Chapters aren’t allowed to have meetings so people think they can’t renew. There are other ways to renew, OR JOIN. The state website has a link for you to do this online. It is a little backwards because it asks for your payment information before it asks for your purchase information BUT it is legit and it works just fine. You can also fill out the renewal notice that gets mailed to you, every year, and send it in to the State with a check. You can even give your Membership Officer a call and see when they’ll be outside doing yard work and see if you can drop by and renew.

With the current situation we are being told we are in, we have been ordered or encouraged to do some things to protect ourselves, which have changed our lives currently and maybe permanently. Look on the BRIGHTSIDE;

“Wear a mask when going into public places.” Brightside: No one can see the spinach caught in your teeth.

“Work remotely when possible.” Brightside: There is a lot less traffic for us to ride around!

“Maintain distance, approx. 6 feet.” Brightside: You won’t hear someone whisper in your ear “shhh, just let it happen.”

“Wash hands often, for at least 20 seconds.” Brightside: You’ll finally get the gear oil out of your finger nails.

“Police must wear masks when obtaining information during a stop.” Brightside: Might not be able to smell the alcohol.

“Governments should use best judgment in exercising their authorities…” Brightside: Just a funny statement all around.

“Restaurants and Bars Limited to Carry-Out and Delivery Only.” Brightside: Saving a ton of money by not buying rounds.

“Federal stimulus payment.” Brightside: Bike parts, guns, bike parts, ammo, bike parts, ABATE Membership, bike parts…

“Schools ordered to close for remainder of school year.” Brightside: No more 15 mph school zone in a 45 mph zone.

“All Driver License Centers will be closed.” Brightside: If you are still riding on your permit, you got a reprieve for a bit.

“Visits at all state correctional institutions are cancelled.” Brightside: There is none.

Just thought we’d try to give you a little chuckle in an otherwise “humorless” situation. Some are in worse conditions than others and some parts of the State are more screwed than even imaginable. Time for us to do what we do best. Step up and help everyone who needs it, whether they want it or not. Possibly even come up with a quick selling raffle idea and put that money aside to help persons out with their Membership dues. Things are still happening at the Capitol that we need to be a part of and we can’t do it without you, the Member.

Peace and Ride Safe.

Numbers Are In…

WOW!!! That’s where the numbers are since the May edition of Between the Lines. This relates to the numbers from Statewide Membership totals for the beginning of May. As you might be able to tell, as an organization, we depend on numbers and the support from those numbers. We all need to figure out what creates the upswings and what triggers the downswings. So, here’s the rundown.

May total, at the time this report was generated, is (5510). From Apr. to May our numbers are DOWN by (-153)!!

From June 2019 to May 2020, we are DOWN by (-366). Reminder, District Rep. calculations are made from beginning of July numbers so we need to renew and recruit as many as possible so your officers can remain.

Keep yourselves advised on where your Chapter is. Maybe it’ll motivate some growth, maybe it’ll spark some competition or maybe it will reinvigorate your energy for ABATE of PA and for what we stand for.

Peace, Ride Safe and Let’s Get Back to 6000!