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Between the Lines June 2020 issue

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The calendar says June, well the bike is serviced and ready. I’ve gotten some riding in, but not much. Hopefully by the time you read this that will change.

I thought this would be a difficult newsletter to write. But as I think back over the last two months, I realize that the old saying you hear from me all the time. Change is the only constant in our lives. And changes we will see for sure. Schools will never be the same. I pray that social gatherings will get better. I do not want this to be political, but if we fail to remember history, we are doomed to repeat it. WE cannot let the freedoms that our forefathers gave their lives for be taken away from us.

So, let us peek at some of the possible changes we might be looking at. What if we are not allowed back in schools again after this? They are talking hybrid schooling, much different than anything any of us has seen. Staggered classes, half days, shortened weeks, no assemblies, fewer or no sports. Smaller classes. So where does that leave the OSAL program? Today May 2, I do not have that answer. Trust me when I say we are working on it. We were already working on a new pamphlet, one closer to mirroring our PowerPoint. We were in the process of having PennDot improving the curriculum. So, do we completely change directions? We cannot say for sure. I am trying to get answers from school administrators, but they have their hands full figuring out what is next. I ask that if you, our presenters, have any ideas, feel free to contact me with them. Our friend Dick Freeburn, his son Gregg and the OSAL team have been discussing YouTube videos, and doing an entire OSAL presentation on video to give to the teachers to use. Believe me this would be a last resort. As I/we feel that the message we have needs to be conveyed by bikers.

 One thing for sure at this point, if the opportunity arises for any chapter to have events that will be attended by families and children by all means let us know. We will provide handouts to share.

 I say it often this program is my passion. I gave up the opportunity to earn some monies while I was retired, but I believe this is what God wanted me to do. It has caused some other issues in my life, but that is another story. Feel certain this program will move forward as long as I’m involved. Whatever the OSAL program looks like in the future, it will still have the same message. Sharing the road with all vehicles and Look Twice for Motorcycles.

We have been lax in posting things on the social media pages, this is something that will change. And if anyone gets an interesting piece to put on the pages feel free to submit them for publishing.

I’ll end this by saying to all of you. Be safe and stay healthy. And as always “Look Twice, Save A Life”