Between the Lines June 2020 Newsletter

Peggy Snyder
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I need your help Treasurers!  Let me explain and then you will understand why I am sending out this request to you all.  One of my jobs as your Treasurer is to keep account of all of the reports sent in to me and to file your reports and input that data on the accountant’s spreadsheet.  Okay, that’s easy to do except I have 90 plus active accounts with over 52 treasurers.  That’s over 180 reports per month!  This is where you can help; sometimes I can’t understand what you have recorded on your statements.  First of all make sure you put your chapter name and the month of the report you are doing on the report form. 

When you use abbreviations instead of writing it out I don’t know which column to put the data in.  I know that our treasurer’s report at times doesn’t have the correct columns you want or need, but you can make-up your own category.  Just follow thru with it every month and let me know.  You can write/type clear across the page if you need to, I don’t care.  The more you let me know about your report the better understanding I have; it makes my job easier.

I know with Chapters not having meetings you haven’t had any audits, but when things get back to normal (?) I will need your audits.  I still need your monthly reports! 

Be safe, let’s ride!

To send reports to me; you may use my email address ( , the  state office, or the old fashion mail service.  

A big request!  Please use pdf files only, it makes downloading your reports easier.  

Final request please call or email me if there are any problems!  Looking forward to our year of working together.